Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lastest Falcon Series - Out of the Night

Hi all,
It's been an exciting time for me. As many of you know the third book of the Falcon Series is coming out September 15th, and I'm thrilled. Reviews have been wonderful!

Out of the Night is Tony Archuletta's story. Many who have kept up with series know that Viktor and Tony have been enemies for years. In this book the reader finds out why, and it's probably  going to surprise you to learn who Tony has been protecting all these years.

As a writer I try to never do what is expected. I hope in my latest installment I've held to that concept through the book. As always, I promise lots of intrigue, action, subplots, and a happily every after. Also, expect the unexpected. Tony is a completed man who can turn a person's mind inside out. See how masterfully he pulls off his assignment. But, does he succeed, or is it time he learns his limits?

The romance between Abby Williams and Tony is very complex and broken. There is much betrayal in the beginning, and it takes some serious events to bring these two together. Nobody comes willingly. Love doesn't work that way. At birth it's small and fragile, and must be nurtured and respected. Abby and Tony will learn the seriousness of their emotions, and struggle to find meaning in their lives

I hope you enjoy my latest adventure and look forward to the next in the series, Out of the Depth. That will be Jake's story and I promise not to disappoint.

Happy Endings
Geri Foster