Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crazy Busy

Hi All,

It's been awhile since I last blogged and all I can say is WOW! life is exciting and busy. I've finished the second book in my Accidental Pleasures series, Wrong Guy. The novella is in the editing process as we speak.

Since the holiday it seems I've been at a dead run. Lots of things to do, always writing that should have been done yesterday, and conferences. Last month I was in San Francisco for an unconference and I learned so much, my brain exploded. There were some amazing and wonderful writers there to share their knowledge.

Now that spring is pushing at the door I wanted to give you a quick glance at what in store for me in the up and coming months.

In April I'll be in Chicago at the Spring Fling conference, and Zoe's book, the fourth installment in the Falcon Securities Series, Out of the Past, will be launched. In May my hubster and I are going to Europe for eleven days. We've been dying to travel since we both retired last year. Also in May, Wrong Guy will be launched and that's the second novella in the Accidental Pleasures series. What a fun series that is to write. In June I'll be in Denver for RomCon and the Wrong Move will be launched as the third novella in the Accidental Pleasures series. In July I will be in San Antonio at RWA. I'm so excited about that. Also in July, Out of the Depth will be launched as the fifth title in the Falcon Securities series.

Also, just dropping a subtle hint here; I'm plotting a new series that promises to be every bit as exciting as the Falcon Securities series, with lots of hunky guys to drool over and feisty woman who know exactly how to tame them.

So, as you can see, I'll have a busy Spring and Summer. Please stay tune because I will be doing several promotional things with great prizes as we move out of winter and into summer.

Happy Endings,

Geri Foster

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lastest Falcon Series - Out of the Night

Hi all,
It's been an exciting time for me. As many of you know the third book of the Falcon Series is coming out September 15th, and I'm thrilled. Reviews have been wonderful!

Out of the Night is Tony Archuletta's story. Many who have kept up with series know that Viktor and Tony have been enemies for years. In this book the reader finds out why, and it's probably  going to surprise you to learn who Tony has been protecting all these years.

As a writer I try to never do what is expected. I hope in my latest installment I've held to that concept through the book. As always, I promise lots of intrigue, action, subplots, and a happily every after. Also, expect the unexpected. Tony is a completed man who can turn a person's mind inside out. See how masterfully he pulls off his assignment. But, does he succeed, or is it time he learns his limits?

The romance between Abby Williams and Tony is very complex and broken. There is much betrayal in the beginning, and it takes some serious events to bring these two together. Nobody comes willingly. Love doesn't work that way. At birth it's small and fragile, and must be nurtured and respected. Abby and Tony will learn the seriousness of their emotions, and struggle to find meaning in their lives

I hope you enjoy my latest adventure and look forward to the next in the series, Out of the Depth. That will be Jake's story and I promise not to disappoint.

Happy Endings
Geri Foster




Monday, July 22, 2013

A Compelling Story

The push to succeed is very evident in the publishing industry these days. I can safely assume it's always been that way. Writers want their work to be noticed and appreciated. I know I do, and if you're a writer you probably do as well. Mostly we want happy readers!

So, we try to write to the reader. Not what's popular or newly on the publishing scene. We strive to learn what readers want in a book and then we struggle to achieve that invisible task.

Oh, we writers know what all the successful authors say, write about sexy men, strong women, and put lots of love and emotional substance in your story. That's how you write a compelling story.

I hear that all the time. Write a compelling story and readers will love you and you'll become a New York Times Best Selling Author. That's the claim, but where is the actual description for a compelling story.

We've all read one or a dozen books we would describe as compelling. Those are the books we still remember the names of the characters years later. We keep that story locked in our hearts forever. That's the kind of book a reader wants when they turn to page one, or switch on their kindle. A story that stays with them a lifetime.

So, let's see what compelling really means. The dictionary says, 'to force, drive, or constrain.' That doesn't sound right. How about, 'to bring about by force, to exact, or to force to yield'. The Thesaurus says, 'drive, force, require, necessitate, oblige, make give, no choice but'.

I don't think any of those words describe how to write a compelling book, so I'll take a shot at it and see if I have the jest of it.

First, and possibility the most important, is to give the reader two characters they care deeply about and can relate to. That means a fully developed character so vivid that the reader could pick them out in a crowd simply by watching for a few minutes and listening to them speak. They know this character intimately. The reader has a personable relationship with your story characters. So as a writer we have to continue revealing and showing the essences of the characters we put on a page.

In a good story there must be something at stake. Regardless of the size of the tangible or intangible object of desire, it must be important to the characters and the readers. It can simple be one's reputation or as big as the world, but something must be at risk. Very often the character doesn't achieve their goal, but readers enjoy the struggle and determination that character when through trying to accomplish the impossible.

Then we need the prefect backdrop. We need a place where only these two people can contact and be directly involved in each others destiny. Be it the desert, a sandy beach in Florida, or the torrid rains in Seattle. Often the weather itself may be the constant conflict in a story. That's the reason writers carefully decide exactly where their story takes place.

In my upcoming release, OUT OF THE NIGHT, much of my story takes place in Russia. That location plays a very big part in the intrigue. Then I send Tony and Abby off to Cairo, only to end in Damascus. Those locations alone are dangerous for an American, and that's exactly why I chose them. The mere locations of the story ups the ante.

I think those three things are the foundation to a great story, and I know there are many, many more. As I make this journey, we'll continue to discuss other writing issues in the future.

What do you consider a compelling story?

BTW OUT OF THE NIGHT will be released soon.

Write on my friends, for we are the fearless and the strong!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Brand New!

Hi All,

This is my first attempt at my very own personal blog. I belong to several other blogs but I don't own them. This one is mine and I can post my thoughts, hints, and struggle as I embark on life as an Indie Author.

It's always the same story no matter where I go. We all want more readers. Duh! Why else would we write if not to share our stories with other like minded people? Yes, we want you to pick up our book and not put it down until you're finished. That is happening less and less today. One of the reasons is there are SO many books to chose from.

Years ago we walked down the aisle of the bookstore, found a great cover and flipped the book over and read the blurb. If time permitted, we'd open the book and read a few pages. The decision to buy or not buy was easy. Those days are long gone. Now we look at sales, Facebook, Twitter, Reviews, and word of mouth. Still, when I go to Sam's or Target I always walk by and look at the books lining the shelves. Old habits die hard for a gal who fell in love with reading long before becoming a writer.

Here is a picture of my latest book, OUT OF THE NIGHT. It will be available to purchase in a few days. While it's the third of a series it has received excellent reviews and readers tell me I've managed to keep up the intensity I've strived for. Still, I have to wait to see how my baby does. I will say, Tony is one of my favorite characters because he came to me completely whole. I didn't have to change a thing. Unlike Mac, (First story in the Falcon Series, OUT OF THE DARK) who I had to wad up and stash in a drawer until he learned to behave. LOL! Yes, they're real to me.


Writers want to hear if they are hitting the mark. Are they wanting to read the kind of stories you write? Are they engaged? How do the characters come across and why buy the next one. Very often as writers we sit alone in a room and struggle to get every word just right, deepen every emotion and make the characters come to life. When that happens, we've succeeded.

I'd love to hear from readers and writers. Also, if we receive twenty comments, I'm picking a name to win a copy of OUT OF THE SHADOWS.

Catch ya all later!
Geri Foster